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2018 Winter Gathering Return to Excellence Phoenix AZ DVD and Manual Version


2018 Winter Gathering Return to Excellence Phoenix AZ DVD and Manual Version


Product Description

Is any part of your life, country, world you live in, trapped in the Upside Down?

If you don’t watch Stranger Things, the upside down is the shadow parallel world of this one. It physically follows the same map but is a dark and evil version of the human world, filled with soul-invading monsters.

But what is the Upside Down on Stranger Things?

Will, a character in the tv series, describes the place he is as being like his home but different: dark, empty, and cold. The boys start to wonder if there could be another world that's the inverse of their own, a place they call the "upside down" of their normal life. This sparks an idea in one boy, Dustin, that has him pulling out the old D&D handbook and turning to a page about the Vale of Shadows. It's something drawn from the actual game, but it's been tweaked to better apply to what's going on on Stranger Things, where it seems to be very real.

"The Vale of Shadows is a dimension that is a dark reflection or echo of our world," Dustin, another character in the show reads. "It is a place of decay and death. It is right next to you and you don't even see it." That's very relevant to what is happening on the show: there does appear to be another world aligning with the normal world where dark creatures live. Scientists at Hawkins Lab are poking and prodding at one entrance to that world, though there are other entrances scattered all over Hawkins. Barb found herself on the other side; so did Will; so did Nancy. They could all just barely touch the normal world while over there, and Nancy was the only one who was able to come back.

On Stranger Things, the Vale of Shadows holds the answers to all of the secrets in town (the Upside Down). It's the cause of everything that's going wrong; it's where the monsters come from. But what's scariest about it is how close it is to the real world, and how easily the barrier between the two can be breached.

In the fictional upside down of Stranger Things, the evil of the upside down is forced out through extreme heart, a child with superpowers, and ordinary children with incredible determination and smarts. Good wins out, at least for now.

The upside down is a virtual game or gross replica. Dorothy referred to it as the asylum, abyss, outer darkness, bottomless pit, hell and graveyard.   

We need to catch each other this weekend and do not go there! Stay out of others upside down world!! In the upside down, the truth is no longer the truth.  The liars, thieves and frauds reside there. 

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